Cutting system wagon

TAM Leguan quattro

With the TAM Leguan quattro, our constructors developed an innovative, biaxial cutting system-wagon that did not exist until then.

Our patented product is equipped with all-wheel steering, which makes it possible to easily handle to drive around the roundabout. Because of amazing road-holding characteristics and a big turning angle, an error-free ride even through narrow spaces is guarenteed. That’s why this vehicle is especially suitable for cutting systems of a bigger size (25 ft to 45 ft). Its stability is also very high due to welding.

Other characteristics:

  • can be purchased with mechanical, as well as hydraulical steering (TAM Leguan quattro HL)
  • suitable for roundabouts according to $ 32d StVZO
  • shipped almost completely assembled
  • upon request, special coloring is possible for an additional charge

TAM Leguan duo

For grain headers from 20 ft to 25 ft, the TAM Leguan duo is perfectly suitable. This cutting unit wagon, outfitted with a second axis with ring bearing, is particularly standing out because of its steady and comfortable track properties. It also has a light drawbar with adjustable height, which makes it flexibly applicable.

Other characteristics:

  • overrun brake with reverse-drive system
  • very stable due to welded design
  • optional: transport box for rapeseed equipment
  • anthracite-laquered basic wagon; contact area in color of manufacturer (upon request, we will also color the basic wagon like the manufacturer’s)

TAM Leguan

The TAM Leguan is a uniaxial cutting unit wagon, especially for grain headers from 12 ft to 24 ft. The wagon cannot be installed through the construction set, but convinces with a stable welded axis. That’s why it can perfectly take the cutting units to your destination, despite the light weight and robust general main carrier.

Other characteristics:

  • deliverable in unbraked or braked model
  • standard fitting equipped with two cutter deck holders
  • neutral coloring (athracite); cutter deck holders are laquered in respective color of cutting system
  • special saddle bearings ensures an exact deposition of the cutting system

Any questions about technical details and interest in a product?

With pleasure, your contact partner is always available for you:

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Sales manager mechanical engineering

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